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New electronic reporting of short-term stay of foreigners and Updates on the online reservation system for foreigners


An excellent corporate and individual immigration service is one in which a positive immigration outcome is achieved with clear guidance delivered to the individual and the business. We, in Petyovský & Partners, belive in personal and highly customized service to both our corporate and individual clients.

Everything Starts with Initial Consultation


At initiation of our services, we conduct a personal call (or meeting if posible) in order to gather the relevant information for setting up an appropriate plan for the immmigration procedure and to provide an overview of the upcoming steps.


After the initial consultation, an appropriate advice on the relevant type of permit is provided, e.g.:


 - Work Permit

 - Blue Card

 - Visa (business, family, student)

 - EU Temporary Residency Permit

 - Permanent Residency

 - Citizenship

 - etc.

Eva Babincová, Manager

Petyovský & Partners Slovakia



P&P in numbers

... more than 2.000 relocated clients


... more than 50 years of cumulative experience


... more than 99% client's satisfaction

... more than 20 employees in Czechia and Slovakia

... more than 99,9% of aproved aplications

... relocating clients from more than 50 countries


What people say about us

...Thanks for all the help. It was really great pleasure working with you. You have taken the custimer service experience to next level :-)


...I would like to express our immence gratitude for your amazing work today with collecting Emilly’s card. Thank you for your swift reaction, proactive approach and the great deal of professionalism you showed while providing an explanation for the immigration authoroties. Truly, thank you very much!


5 Years of excelent



Tomáš Petyovský is a co-founding Partner of Petyovský & Partners and Attorney at Law, responsible for immigration services in Slovakia.

He graduated from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. He worked on various positions within the "Big 4" since 2008 before becoming Attorney at Law. Further, he became Immigration team manager in Brno (Czech Republic) region where he was advising large multinational companies on immigration and employment related matters.

Tomáš participates on policy development of the immigration legislation as a member of the American Chamber of Commerce. He lectures at various trainings and seminars for clients, students and universities.

Tomáš leads the immigration practice of Petyovský & Partners in Slovakia, bringing his unprecedental knowledge of moving the right people to the right places seamlessly and efficiently.



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